Buildling a Strong Foundation For Zanzibar

A visit from State House 2013

Three guests from the Diaspora Office, at state house visited Denmark upon an invitation of ZANDIAS:. 

  • Professor Severine.Rugumamu (Ph. D.) from The Institute of Development Studies 
    (IDS) University of Dares Salaam being consultant to the Diaspora Office.
  • Mr.Khamis A.Khamis (Director 
    International Cooperation & Zanzibar Diaspora) Ministry of State, President's Office, Zanzibar.
  • Mr.Hassan Kh. Hafidh (Coordinator, Diaspora engagement process & International Cooperation affairs) Ministry of State, President`s Office, State House, Zanzibar.

The meeting, which was attended by about 30 members of the Zanzibar diaspora in Scandinavia, was chaired by Mr. Hashil S. Hashil, Project Manager of ZANDIAS. After the chairperson had opened the meeting, Mr. Khamis A. Khamis explained the reason for the setting up of the Diaspora office at the State House, the functions of the office and the purpose of their visit to Denmark. The main reason of their visit being to solicit the views of the Zanzibar Diaspora regarding the Diaspora policy currently being developed by the Government of Zanzibar. In developing this policy, the Diaspora office is being assisted by Professor Rugumamu as a consultant to the process.The presentation was followed by a lively discussion and written comments from the participants as to the content of the Diaspora policy. The director of the Diaspora office in his closing comments thanked all  those present for their participation and promised to send a draft of the Diaspora policy by the end of February next year, to ZANDIAS for comments and new inputs.