Buildling a Strong Foundation For Zanzibar

DDA and CICED Meeting

Meeting between Department of Disability Affairs Zanzibar (DDA),Community for International Cooperation in Education and Development (CICED) and Zandias was held on the 31st July and  the 1st August 2015 in Zanzibar.Among those inluded in these meetings were:

  • Meeting with Staff from DDA (Department of Disability Affairs) – Ms. Abeida Abdallah (Director), Ms. Selma Chwaya, Mr. Mabula Machalila Malimi and other members of DDA – staff.
  • Meeting with Ministry of Education – Unit of Inclusive Education and Life Skills. Mohamed Mwinyi (Head of Unit.) 
  • State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) Met with Vice-Chancellor Dr. Haji Mwevura Haji and Ms.Dr. Maryam J.Ismail (Dean).
  • Meeting with CHAVIZA (Charma cha Viziwi Zanzibar – The Zanzibar Association of  Deaf).
  • ZASLI – Jumuiya ya wakalimali - Zanzibar Sign Language Interpreter Group.
  • Upendo is a center for deaf people established under the act from 2005 and was officially recognized in 2009. It started  with 3 girls and has now 40 children and young people whom  are given support and assistance in their life at home and in education. UPENDO do not get any support from the Government and is based on voluntary work entirely.