Buildling a Strong Foundation For Zanzibar

Zanzibar Diaspora Scandinavi is  working with the following:

Zanzibar Diaspora Zanzibar 

The Department of International Cooperation has been accorded an additional mandates of Coordinating Diaspora affairs with view to engaging them in socio – economic development of Zanzibar.Diaspora Unit has housed within the Department of International Cooperation, in the office of The President and Chairman of Revolutionary Council.

Tanzanian Embassy Sweden.

The Tanzania Embassy in Stockholm was established in 1964. It was at the time of growing relations between Tanzania and Sweden. President Julius Nyerere became a friend of Premier Tag Erlander. Barbro Johansson had been instrumental in establishing the contact between the Swedish and Tanzanian leadership. Olf Palme who was an assistant of Tag Erlander at the time, later played a crucial role as Prime Minister in the consolidation of relations between the two countries

Community for International Cooperation in Education and Development
As a relatively new civil society organization, established in 2010,CICED’s engagements with international partners are yet the making. CICED gives priority to work in countries where our knowledge about the the local contexts is well founded and where we have good and reliable contacts. 
So far, CICED has engaged in collaboration with partners in Mongolia, India/Tibetans-in-Exile and Tanzania

Civil Society in Development

Civil Society in Development is an independent association of 260+ small and medium sized Danish Civil Society Organisations, CSOs. All members are engaged in development work in Asia, Africa or Latin America - either as their main focus or as part of their activities.

Danish Mission Council Development Department

Danish Mission Council Development Department (DMCDD) is an umbrella organisation for Danish churches and church based organisations partnering with other churches and NGO’s in developing countries. DMCDD offers advisory, consultative, counselling and administrative services to their members and partners.


Ahas-group is comprised of people with different talents and interest, therefore we are  by all means bound to  have indeed to create activities of different dimension so that members of different categories and qualities  can be engaged. It is important to note that our starting point is supporting victims of Hiv /Aids.We are fully involved in humanitarian activities some of which are to helping schools in Africa by sending them school furniture so that students are not sitting on the floor.

Grassroots Traveller

Grassroots Traveller is a small Destination Management Company based in Stone Town Zanzibar – where we believe that holidays are not just “holidays”! We take pride in organizing and ensuring that the day-to-day life, charm and characteristics of a destination are captured along the way in the land of sun, sand & sea!We specialize is Cultural experiences, Voluntourism, Community Based Tourism and Active Holidays.