Buildling a Strong Foundation For Zanzibar

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Jambo Danmark - Travel letter from Zanzibar  ( April 15 ,2016 Gry and Claus Andreasen )

“Stand up student, good morning teacher!”
”Good morning students”
”How are you?”
”We are fine, how about you?”
”We are fine!”
”Please sit” 
This is a classic entry dialog when you enter classes at Alternative Learning Centre Rahaleo in Stone Town on Zanzibar..... Read more

Travel Letters from Volunteers   ( Matilde Nørgaard October 2015 )
"I wonder if there is a printer..?" It was one of my many considerations when I decided to take a break from the Danish school for half a year at a school in Zanzibar.When I first arrived at school, It appeared to me that there are some issues.......Read more